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ASEAN Workplace Wellbeing 2024:
5 Emerging HR Trends for the Future

About the White Paper:

Burnout is surging, and workplace wellbeing is hitting new lows as employees demand more from their employers. Since the pandemic, our news feeds have been flooded with headlines and mental health campaigns declaring, “It’s okay not to be okay.” But how do top leaders across ASEAN tackle these issues? Four years on, it’s time to take stock of our progress as we transition from awareness to implementation.

In collaboration with the ASEAN Human Development Organisation (AHDO), Intellect surveyed over 500 HR professionals across 10 countries and 8 sectors about mental well-being in the workplace. The results reveal insights unique to each nation, highlighting varying levels of stigma, accessibility, and inclusivity.

This comprehensive white paper delves into these prevalent gaps within the regional mental health system and offers culture-specific, data-backed strategies that HR leaders and policymakers can implement to address these challenges effectively.

Shifting Focus & Identified Gaps

Snippets of the White Paper Content

1. Emerging priorities: Change management over services and initiatives

2. Gaps exist as workplace wellbeing is not integrated into organisational culture and practices

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10 Key Ingredients You’re Missing in Your Wellness Programme

  • Comprehensive, Culturally Relevant Data: Gain data-driven insights tailored to improve mental health practices across different ASEAN countries.
  • Strategies to Address and Reduce Stigma: Equip HR leaders with actionable strategies to foster a more supportive work environment.
  • Practical Recommendations for Inclusivity: Access concrete steps for building a more inclusive and diverse workforce.

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