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Elevating Mental Wellbeing for Every Organisation

Provide your workforce with a research-proven
platform to deliver personalised mental
wellbeing support anytime, anywhere.

Trusted by Leading Regional and Global Employers

An Easy Access Point to Comprehensive Mental Healthcare

We do this by marrying technology with a
human touch
within an end-to-end
employee benefits solution. Users can
find the right support for their needs, from a
wide library of self-care content to culturally-sensitive care with certified coaches, counsellors, and psychologists on the ground across 60 countries worldwide.

Access End-to-End Care Anytime, Anywhere

Certified behavioural coaches and therapists

Next-day support from proactive to clinical needs, with high-quality regional network in 60 countries worldwide.

Intellect EAP (Employee Assistance Program)

Fast, reliable response times with best-in-class critical incidence management.

Award-winning self-care app

Personalised, clinically-validated programmes rewire habits for lasting behavioural change.

Privacy-first platform

Zero-knowledge encryption technology and legal compliance ensure that users can seek care in a safe, encrypted space.

Holistic Support for Every Business

Comprehensive rollout and engagement plan

Dedicated support for HR teams across onboarding and employee communications.

30+ languages and 60+ countries

Intellect’s local provider network deliver culturally-centred care worldwide.

Aggregated wellness screening and outcomes

Proprietary, science-backed measures to have a holistic view of employee mental health and calculate ROI (Return on Investment).

Clinically-validated solution with leading research institutions

Clinically significant data that shows substantial improvements in users, published in leading scientific journals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Award-winning self-care app: Personalised, clinically-validated programmes provide accessibility and rewire habits for lasting behavioural change. (Google Play’s Best Apps of 2020)

2. Certified behavioural coaches and therapists: Next-day support from proactive to clinical needs with our high-quality regional network in 20 countries across Asia.

3. Intellect EAP (Employee Assistance Program): Fast, reliable response times with best-in-class critical incidence management.

1. ICP-Certified Coaches: Our qualified coaches are trained to work closely with you in a safe space. Using evidence-based techniques that tailor to your needs, they are here to help you achieve your personal or professional goals.

2. Counsellors and Therapists: Our panel of counsellors and therapists work with employees on daily emotional support, stress and anxiety.

3. Psychiatrists: Employees who experience distress, breakdown or require higher touch care can get access to our network of senior psychiatric support.

To be clear, Intellect has its own in-house EAP to ensure we provide a best-in-class safety net in the form of critical incidence management support.

That said, we are different from traditional EAPs in several ways:

First, traditional EAPs only provide crisis incident care. Intellect provides end-to-end care, spanning preventative everyday support to crisis care.

Second, EAPs have an “assess and refer” model which requires 2-6 weeks to match employees to appropriate care. Intellect’s platform enables employees to book on-demand appointments within 24-48 hours.

Third, EAPs are often stigmatised as distress helplines for the mentally ill and don’t see much usage: 1-3% is the average utilisation rate globally. Intellect’s average utilisation is between 30-40%, due to our dedicated client success team and comprehensive rollout plan.

For more information, speak to our organisational consultants by booking a demo below.

Clinical sessions are conducted by licensed mental health professionals who treat clinical difficulties (e.g. depression, trauma); while coaching is focused on everyday challenges (e.g. personal growth, confidence, or professional development).

Though some people may need therapy for certain struggles, we believe that anyone can benefit from coaching.

Intellect invests heavily in our science and clinical efficacy, with research published in the world’s leading scientific journals and 10+ ongoing research studies in partnership with institutes like the National University of Singapore.

In research on the efficacy of our self-care platform, 93% of Intellect users reported a significant reduction in anxiety levels and 81% reported improved ability to regulate their emotions. 

For more information on our research, please speak to our organisational consultants.

Intellect equips businesses with a real-time aggregated dashboard to provide a pulse on your organization’s wellbeing levels. All employee data is anonymised and aggregated. This dashboard quantifies four dimensions of data: (1) Wellbeing analytics, (2) App engagement, (3) Adoption analytics and (4) Coaching utilisation.

Furthermore, Intellect has released our industry-leading scientifically-validated methodology that translates employee wellbeing outcomes to organisational outcomes, enabling businesses to calculate their Return on Investment (ROI) which conservatively stands at about 5-10x on average.

Book a demo for more information.

Our fundamental approach to redefine mental health at workplaces is to pair a dedicated team of client success consultants with a structured communications and engagement plan.

Our client success team will equip your HR team with a tested-and-proven onboarding plan and organisational development approach. This can entail launch webinars, managerial training, regular newsletters, and shareable assets over email, print, or your business messaging platform.

Finally, Intellect sets itself apart from other mental health providers with a personalised communications strategy. Drawing learnings from our user base of 3 million accounts, we provide optimised and tested product communications to users at the right time to deepen utilisation rates.

Data privacy and security are our utmost priority. As such, we employ rigorous measures that meet the privacy regulatories (e.g. PDPA, HIPAA, GDPR) to ensure that all user data is protected, kept confidential, and never misused. We encrypt all your inputs in the self-care app. 

No one but you can access the self-care app content – not us, nor your employer. All interactions with your coach through the video sessions & messaging are not accessible by anyone other than you and your coach, and will never be disclosed to your employer.