On a mission to rebuild mental healthcare.

Our mission is to make mental health support radically more accessible, preventative & relatable, and stigma-free.

Our founding story

Intellect was founded on the observation that millions of people across the globe go through different forms of everyday struggle, big and small, at home and at work – but most without easy ways to get mental wellbeing support the way they need it.

Along with our co-founder & CEO’s personal journey in mental health, we started Intellect with a mission to change how mental health is currently perceived and how mental healthcare is done.

We’re building an entirely new approach to mental healthcare that is preventative, instant, and made truly for everyone. Our goal is to be able to support anyone in their lives, no matter how big or small their challenge may seem.

Executive Leadership Team



Theodoric Chew

Chief Executive Officer


Anurag Chutani

Chief Technology Officer

Advised by a team of leading clinical & domain experts


Dr. Oliver Suendermann

Deputy Director of Clinical Psychology, National University of Singapore

Professor Justin Kenardy

Collaborating Researcher; Emeritus Professor, University of Queensland


Dr. Tamas Makany

Associate Professor, Singapore Management University