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The Workplace Guide:
How To Talk About Mental Health
With Your Employees

About the Ebook:

Now more than ever, employees are experiencing burnout at work. It’s the leading cause of absenteeism, presenteeism, and employee turnover. All in all, a huge cost to the business.

Addressing the issue can be as simple as normalising mental health conversations in the workplace. In this 3-step guide, experts from Intellect’s clinical team share:
  • Barriers to addressing mental health challenges at work.
  • The organisation’s role: interventions to champion mental wellbeing in the workplace.
  • The manager’s role: a step-by-step guide to checking in with team members who are struggling.

What You’ll Find Inside:

The prevalence: Employee burnout costs businesses 1.2% of revenue per employee


of employees
reported burnout
at work


of employees never
discussed the challenges
they face at work

Statistical analysis shows that these employees are:

  • less likely to stay with the company,
  • less motivated to contribute at work,
  • unlikely to recommend their workplace to others.

Managerial Attitudes Shape Happy and Productive Workforces

Employee engagement benefits
from work-life balance and
mental wellbeing
Employees with supportive and
approachable managers are 2x less
likely to experience burnout.

The Workplace Guide:
How To Talk About Mental Health With Your Employees

  • A manager’s playbook to mental health conversations
    • Setting the stage: How to broach the topic
    • Communication tips: Verbal and non-verbal checklists
    • 3-step guide: Fostering the feeling of “us against the problem”
    • Do’s and Don’ts: Pitfalls and best practices advised by clinicians
  • A one-page summary: The checklist

Intellect's and EngageRocket's panel of
experts share their opinions on approaching
mental health conversations

A lot of workplace issues
manifest when people keep
things to themselves.

“Being able to talk to someone, whether they are a trained professional or not, can be a cathartic experience for them. Of course, we can’t take for granted that all managers have the aptitude for it, but training those who genuinely want to support their team members is a big step.

– Theodoric Chew,

Managers need to be equipped with tools to help nurture teams at the ground level.

“To support the relational needs of the evolving organization, managers will need to be empowered, enabled, and equipped with tools to help nurture teams at the ground level. HR can no longer do everything in a world that is hyperlocal and deeply diverse.”

– Sonali Sharma,
VP of Product and People Science

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