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Terms & Conditions for Child

  1. A child is defined as any natural or legally adopted child of a parent or legal guardian that is a human being below the age of eighteen (18) years unless under the law applicable to the child, majority is attained earlier.
  2. Your personal information will be encrypted and stored on the Intellect server.
  3. Your parent will be informed:
    • When you register for an account 
    • Which Learning Paths, Rescue Sessions, and Journals you’ve attempted.  
    • When your sessions take place.
  4. Your parent will not be able to see:
    • What you’ve written in your Learning Paths, Rescue Sessions, and Journals.
    • The exact details of what you and your Provider discuss. 
  5. Your parent is required to come along to your first session with your provider. If your parent is not present for your first session, the provider will terminate the session immediately and your session credit will be utilised. 
  6. Your Provider may also request for your parent to accompany you for follow-up sessions.
  7. If your parent is unable to attend your first session, please cancel or reschedule the session from your own account.
  8. After every session, the provider will email a summary of what was covered with your parents. You may speak with your provider about what information you are comfortable with sharing. However, anything putting your safety and wellbeing at risk will be shared with your parents.
  9. Email support@intellect.coto cancel sessions or to ask questions.