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A Guide for HR Leaders:
Strategies for HR Burnout
and Workplace Wellbeing

About the Ebook:

Our recent survey reveals an alarming reality: A staggering 64% of HR professionals in Singapore consistently experience work-related burnout, a situation that worsened during the headwinds and post-pandemic recovery. Often referred to as workplace counsellors, these professionals shoulder the critical role of ensuring employee wellbeing and happiness.

Furthermore, our previous study clearly demonstrated that burnout leads to disengagement, which can profoundly impact individual performance and turnover, hence the company’s bottom line. As the backbone of any organisation, HR leaders must prioritise the well-being of their team to effectively care for the entire company.

For HR leaders, this eBook provides tailored insights and practical solutions to combat HR burnout and foster a resilient and thriving workplace.

Survey Findings

Three key findings about Singapore’s HR landscape:

3 in 4 HR professionals are burnout

7 in 10 HR Professionals do not think their companies give very high importance to employee mental health

1 in 4 HR professionals somewhat feel uncomfortable using existing workplace benefits

What tools do HR professionals and leaders need to address their own burnout? and, in turn, cultivate a healthy and caring workplace?
This report sets out to bring the blind spots of employers’ to light.

FREE Ebook:

A Guide for HR Leaders: Strategies for HR Burnout and Workplace Wellbeing

  • Valuable insights into workplace mental health in the APAC region
  • Key findings on Singapore’s HR landscape
  • Practical strategies for cultivating a resilient HR team from industry leaders and clinical experts

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