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Championing mental health conversations in the workplace: How to talk about mental health with your employees

Mental Health Awareness

About the webinar

The changing nature of work, and changing impacts of the pandemic have led to unexpected stressors for employees. From what was once considered to be “acceptable pressure,” most employees now recognise unhealthy levels of stress and anxiety.

As organizations look forward to a renewed period of growth and innovation post the pandemic, mental health in the workplace needs urgent attention. This workshop aims to normalize these conversations and empower managers to enact on them in order to build a conducive, happy, and meaningful work environments.

Mental Health Awareness Month 2023 special webinar

What you'll learn

You will explore:

  1. Industry insights: The prevalence, workplace triggers, and roadblocks to mental health conversations.
  2. A Manager’s guide: An actionable framework, thought exercises, red flags to anticipate, and how to mitigate the risks.
  3. Groundbreaking solutions: tools to enhance employee engagement.


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Robyn Cam
Executive Coach
Timothy Goh
Solutions Consultant

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