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Intellect partners with Tinder to support mental well-being amongst young adult singles in Southeast Asia

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Table of Contents

Singapore, (31 October 2022) – In light of Mental Health Awareness Month, Intellect has teamed up with Tinder to provide Tinder members in Singapore and the Philippines with free online mental healthcare support consisting of self-guided cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) programmes and live coaching sessions till 26 April 2023. 

Members who opt in via matching with the branded Swipe Cards will receive 6-month access to Intellect, an award-winning mental health platform, and a 1:1 coaching session with certified behavioural health coaches. The newly-launched #FeelGoodLoveGood campaign aims to encourage young adult singles to find their authentic selves and prioritise their wellbeing.

This year’s partnership is built on the success of last year’s #BeThereForYou campaign where Intellect and Tinder encouraged members to practice self-love. According to Tinder’s Future of Dating report, digital dating has become the new normal for Gen Zs to meet new people and Gen Z are more open to talk about their mental health, with an increase of mentions like ‘anxiety’ and ‘normalise’ in their bios by 15x. 

In conjunction with the campaign, a panel session titled “Tinder x Intellect | How Exactly Do I Live, Laugh, Love?” was also conducted as part of Intellect’s Mental Health Festival Asia 2022 to encourage the public to have authentic conversations. Mental Health Festival Asia is Intellect’s annual tentpole event where mental health and human resources experts, as well as community leaders and influencers come together to exchange ideas and solutions for improving mental wellbeing. During the session, Intellect’s behavioural health coaches with influencers such as Munah Bagharib and Andee Chua, and TeamSG athlete’s Constance Lien, answered a series of  relationship- and wellbeing-related questions sent in by their followers. 

Mental Health Festival Asia 2022: Tinder x Intellect | How Exactly Do I Live, Laugh, Love?

“As the world opens up massively to the idea of speaking about our mental health, we see the Gen Z population as a critical demographic that can drive the next phase of action: Seeking support, starting with themselves. The youth today face different rising challenges around their mental health, and as such we are excited to further invigorate our partnership with Tinder for the second year running, to increase access to mental health support for our youth across Asia Pacific.” says Theodoric Chew, CEO & Co-founder of Intellect.

How to receive free Intellect access for Tinder members:

  • Download and sign up for Tinder. Existing members can simply log in to your account on the Tinder app
  • Look out for the Tinder x Intellect profile card with the information and Swipe Right to receive personalised message from Intellect
  • Click on the message to retrieve the exclusive code. There will be a link to download the Intellect app 
  • Register with the exclusive code 
  • Start your mental wellbeing journey with Intellect’s self-care app and coaching session

About Intellect 

Intellect is a modern-day mental health company with a mission to make mental healthcare and wellbeing support accessible for everyone. Intellect is the largest and fastest growing mental health tech company in Asia, serving over 3 million users and leading organisations globally, through our mental health platform. Intellect was also selected as one of Google’s Best Apps of 2020. Intellect is backed by leading investors including Tiger Global, Insignia Ventures Partners, Y Combinator, HOF Capital, MS&AD Ventures, East Ventures, and many more leading venture funds, family offices, big tech executives & renowned angel investors.

About Tinder

Tinder was launched at a hackathon in Hatch Labs, an incubator owned by IAC, in 2012 and is the world’s most popular app for meeting new people. Available in 190 countries and 40+ languages, it’s been downloaded more than 530 million times and led to more than 75 billion matches.

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