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Lessons From HR Experts: What Lies Ahead for Workplace Wellbeing?

Intellect’s Clinical Director Dr. Oliver Suendermann discussed the next steps for workplace wellbeing with Google’s and Microsoft’s HR leaders.

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If companies can not only provide end-to-end care, but really shift their focus to resilience building and proactive care then that really goes a long way.
-Dr. Oliver Suendermann / Clinical Director, Intellect

The Problem

  • Poor mental health all around with hustle culture being prevalent in Asia, workers who are upset about missing a day at work reported to have experienced higher levels of stress and burnout
  • Traditional EAPs have good intentions, but many problems such as low utilisation rates, cultural nuances being missed, and being a reactive instead of preventive solution

The Solution

  • Employee mental wellbeing is no longer a nice-to-have, but a necessity
  • In order to retain top talent, you need to offer proper mental health benefits
  • A modern mental health platform providing end-to-end care


    A psychologically safe workplace with:
  • Access to a modern mental health platform that provides end-to-end care
  • Benefits and policies in support of holistic wellbeing
  • Managers equipped to maintain a sustainable work environment

In navigating the fast-moving workplace, Intellect’s Clinical Director Dr. Oliver Suendermann presented the latest research on the efficacy of mental health services at the workplace and discussed the next steps for workplace wellbeing with Google’s Gilberto Gaeta and Microsoft’s Jan Philippe Tanchi

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