At Intellect we aim to make mental health accessible for anyone. No matter what your mental health needs are, we are available. This Informed Consent for Clinical sessions and contains important information. Acknowledging this document represents an agreement between us. Please read this carefully.

The Clinician has a legal and ethical responsibility to protect the confidentiality of all communications that occur during your Clinical session. All of your session details will be strictly private and confidential between you and your Clinician. Only session utilisation will be shared with your company. This will not disclose any information which may identify you.

Exceptions to confidentiality
These are scenarios where your Clinician feels in their professional opinion that other parties should be informed.
Clinical Supervision – with your written consent, The Clinician will consult a Clinical Supervisor so that The Clinician can provide you with the best support and care.
There is a significant risk of self-harm or harm to others or property damage.

Court subpoena.

The Clinician will discuss the matter with you before breaking confidentiality.

Fees & Cancellation
The sessions are fully covered by your company (number of credits may vary). Before the entitled sessions are completed, the Clinician shall discuss for further follow-ups.