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Mental Health First Aid™:
Empower Your Team, Improve Mental Health Outcomes

Enroll in the globally recognized Mental Health First Aid (MHFA™) course and transform your workplace culture and community impact.

The Challenge – 1 in 7 Singaporeans Has Experienced a Mental Health Issue

In an era where mental health issues are getting more prominent, the call to action is clear. It’s time to elevate our workplaces and communities by empowering individuals with crucial skills to effectively respond to mental health challenges.

At Intellect, we take mental health seriously. We understand how enhanced mental health literacy fosters a supportive culture where employees feel empowered to discuss their mental well-being, positively impacting an organisation’s productivity.

MHFA: CPR for the Mind

Intellect, as the sole licensed provider of MHFA training in Singapore, offers a unique, research-backed program that goes beyond mere awareness.

Our MHFA course is akin to CPR – but instead of physical distress, we empower you to identify, approach and guide individuals experiencing mental distress towards appropriate care.


Why Should You Join MHFA?

By obtaining MHFA training, you empower your employees and community members to:

Intervene Early

1) Recognise and observe mental health changes and challenges

2) Identify mental health stressors and recommend appropriate support

3) Confidently respond in crises

Enhance Your Skill Set

1) Improve mental health literacy and practical skills

2) Have meaningful conversations about mental health

3) Boost organisational and employee resilience

Organisational Productivity

1) Foster effective and
compassionate mental health
support structures

2) Enhance workplace culture
to improve employee wellbeing

3) Develop personalised
wellbeing strategies

Reduce Mental Health Stigma

1) Destigmatise mental health conversations

2) Foster a psychologically safe environment

3) Increase support for individuals with mental health problems

MHFA Efficacy Is Backed by Research

MHFA’s Impact Across Cultures and Regions: Enhancing Mental Health Literacy and Support

A meta-analysis of 18 randomized controlled trials shows substantial improvements in the participants’ ability to assist peers and identify mental disorders, even up to six months following their MHFA training. This collective research underscores the universal effectiveness of the MHFA program in promoting mental health awareness and support, transcending cultural and regional boundaries.

(n=5,900 participants, encompassing studies across regions, including Hong Kong, Australia, China, the United States, the United Kingdom, and more).

For more information about the research projects conducted by MHFA International, visit the page here.

Our Course Structure

Our comprehensive 12-hour blended course will equip you with the essential skills to become a certified Mental Health First Aider. 

By enrolling in our programme, you’ll earn a valuable Mental Health First Aider Certificate of Accreditation, valid for 3 years.

Part 1

Self-Guided Learning

• Engage in self-guided learning using provided materials

• Explore the Mental Health First Aid Action Plan

• Gain insights into mental health problems like depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts and behaviours
Part 1
Part 2

On-Site Learning

• Participate in interactive sessions to apply your knowledge and skills

•Engage in practical activities simulating real-life scenarios

•Apply the Mental Health Action Plan to specific groups and populations

•Receive a toolbox of wellbeing strategies to support your role as a mental health advocate
Part 2
Part 3

MHFA Accreditation Examination

• Review of mental health problems and crises

• Complete the accreditation examination

• Receive course completion certificate

• Connect with the Mental Health First Aiders support network
Part 3
Embark on a Transformative Journey To Become a Certified Mental Health First Aider
Chng Aik Chen Edwin
Chng Aik Chen EdwinMedical Director at Parkway Shenton
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"I believe that Mental Health First Aid can provide initial support to those who experience mental health challenges and connect them to appropriate professional help. Managers and supervisors should be equipped with knowledge and skills to better identify staff with mental health needs, respond to these supervisees with open communication and active listening, offer appropriate support and resources, and encourage them to seek professional help promptly."
Employee, MHFAider
Employee, MHFAiderIHH Healthcare
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"Excellent trainer with a great mastery of content and facilitating learning. Highly recommended for People Managers."
Employee, MHFAider
Employee, MHFAiderIHH Healthcare
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"It was a fulfilling and engaging session. The presentation style and the knowledge of the instructor were impressive."
Employee, MHFAider
Employee, MHFAiderPrime Energy (Prime Energy Resources Development B.V.)
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"Good energy, pace, and patience with the group. The content is not well-known yet, so it's great that we can get upskilled and empowered in this."
Employee, MHFAider
Employee, MHFAiderPrime Energy (Prime Energy Resources Development B.V.)
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"The instructor made the session more fun and effective. We were able to enjoy the role-playing. He provided important feedback after each activity, reinforcing the knowledge we have imbibed during the teaching session. The e-learning is important as a pre-session tool. The instructor made the discussion 'lighter' and encouraged us to ask questions."
Employee, MHFAider
Employee, MHFAiderCyberArk
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"The strength of the course is explaining things in a way that is easier to understand, as dealing with people with mental health challenges can be challenging."
Employee, MHFAider
Employee, MHFAiderCyberArk
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"The instructor has been very personable and delivers the content in an easily understandable method. It would be better if we could condense it into a single session. The reinforcement of the online training is valuable."
Employee, MHFAider
Employee, MHFAiderCartus
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"Excellent delivery and a high level of engagement. Highly pleasant personality and demeanor. Thoroughly enjoyed the session. Content is presented well, broken down to an appropriate level of detail."
Employee, MHFAider
Employee, MHFAiderCartus
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"The instructor was open and encouraged participation, helping us reinforce what we learned. The strength of the course is raising awareness of mental health issues and the difference a First Aider can make to the person in need. Great delivery; I learned a lot from this session. The ALGEE process can be used not just for MHFA scenarios but is also applicable when we want to interact and get to know the challenges or issues that people are facing in our daily lives."
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For Organisations

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For Individuals

Acquire skills to support your friends, colleagues, and loved ones. Join our public course and take a part in eliminating mental health stigma in your community.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any queries, please email us at mhfa@intellect.co.

The Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is a globally recognised accredited course that offers individuals the opportunity to increase their mental health literacy, empowering them to recognize and respond to signs of mental health challenges with confidence and empathy. By normalizing conversations about mental health and reducing stigma, MHFA fosters supportive, inclusive communities where individuals feel comfortable sharing their experiences and seeking help when needed. 

The MHFA course is evidence-based and skills-based, following guidelines that are informed by people with lived experience, their caregivers, and mental health professionals. This internationally recognized program teaches individuals practical skills, knowledge, and confidence to make a difference.

The course blends 6 hours of e-learning with 6 hours of live training, followed by a final assessment. Upon completion, participants receive the MHFA Accreditation, valid for 3 years.

The 12 hour MHFA Blended Standard Course is offered face-to-face or virtually. The course consists of two portions, a 6-hour self-guided learning and a 6-hour live training session. 

This blended-learning course includes:

  • Completing the 6-hour self-guided learning: participants have 2 weeks for Part 1 (e-learning) before the live training session
  • Attending a 6-hour live training session, and
  • Passing a final assessment for certification
  • Receiving a globally-recognised certificate of accreditation

All sessions are led by MHFA trained and Licensed Instructors

The Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) course is suitable for a diverse array of individuals interested in acquiring the skills to provide initial support to those facing mental health challenges. Whether they are educators, healthcare professionals, first responders, community workers, or family members, MHFA welcomes anyone seeking to enhance their understanding of mental health issues and develop practical techniques for assisting individuals in crisis.

There is only one global Mental Health First Aid trademarked course (MHFA™) which Intellect is the sole licensed provider to deliver in Singapore. 

Other courses are not licensed to use this terminology and hence do have access to the globally recognised MHFA™ course curriculum which has been refined and updated over 23 years to six million trainees worldwide. This is not necessarily a reflection of other providers’ course quality.

On a practical level, MHFA™ is heavily focused on not just awareness, but skills-based outcomes through quality communication to help respond to and reassure an individual affected by mental health issues. MHFA training is designed for non-health professionals and the MHFAider’s role stops once appropriate professional help is reached.

Upon completion of this course participants will be able to: 

  • Recognise the signs and symptoms of mental health problems in adults 
  • Use an evidence-based action plan to initiate a mental health first aid conversation 
  • Know the barriers to help-seeking and how to overcome these 
  • Assess for a range of crisis situations and provide initial support 
  • Understand the prevalence and impact of mental illnesses, risk factors and treatments and supports available 
  • Apply self-care practices as a Mental Health First Aider

You can complete the short assessment at the end of a course to become an Accredited Mental Health First Aider (MHFAider).

Accreditations are valid for 3 years.

Learn more about the role of an MHFAider

You may submit your request for a group session via this link

Group sessions can be held on your organisation’s premises, at the Intellect office or virtually

Kindly note that there will be a minimum 10 participants to start a class, capped at 15 participants

If you have less than 10 participants, you may register for our public sessions here: physical | virtual 

We organise monthly sessions at Intellect’s premises. You may register directly via these links:

Physical session: https://intellect-mhfa.eventbrite.com/

Virtual session: https://intellect-mhfa-virtual.eventbrite.com/

Reach out to us via the MHFA interest form. Someone from our team will get back to you within 3 business days.