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White Paper: 10 Key Ingredients
You’re Missing in Your Wellness Programme

About the White Paper:

81% of individuals consider mental health benefits an important factor in seeking job opportunities, according to the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Work and Wellbeing Survey in 2022.

In 2023, the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) 2023 found that 61% of Gen Z respondents are inclined to leave their current job for “significantly better” mental health benefits elsewhere. What does that entail? Employee benefits powerhouse Mercer joins forces with Intellect, a disruptive employee wellbeing solution, to answer this question. 

This white paper addresses the gaps in traditional wellbeing programmes and practical solutions Mercer and Intellect have implemented for clients.

What Do Traditional EAPs Lack?

Snippets of the White Paper Content

1. A scientifically-backed ROI

  • Challenge: How do I translate my wellbeing program into business outcomes?
  • Solution: Tap on validated methodologies and mental health assessments.
Making the business case for mental health

2. Timeliness and longevity

  • Challenge: How do we meet their needs across the employee life cycle?
  • Solution: Show up in the moments that matter using the “product placement” strategy.
Showing up in the moments that matter

Learn eight other strategies to maximise your wellbeing programme through a science-backed approach.

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10 Key Ingredients You’re Missing in Your Wellness Programme

  • Blind spots of traditional EAPs that lead to low utilisation
  • Practical solutions and actionable steps to engage your workforce
  • Frameworks Intellect and Mercer successfully implemented for clients

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