Rooted in science, made for people.

We provide organisations with a modern, comprehensive approach to evidence-based mental wellbeing support that proactively and cost-effectively supports employees.

High quality care right at your fingertips

We’ve built an easy and intuitive mental health journey personalised to every individual. By integrating technology and the human touch, employees
can access comprehensive care in an easy app.

  • Self-care app & skill-building programs
  • Certified behavioural health coaches
  • Licensed psychologists & clinical care
  • 24/7 access to support instantly


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Self-care app & skill-building programs

Our clinically-validated, CBT-based training programs will help members rewire their issues, habits and behaviours for lasting change. This personalised, self-paced content is accessible anytime members need it and is complemented by analytics that tracks their wellbeing and progress.

Certified behavioural health coaches

Our behavioural health coaches offer around the clock support for personal, work, and relationship needs. Members can instantly make live video consult appointments with their coaches and also get immediate, real-time support via text.

Crisis support & clinical care

We provide immediate care and support for members who experience distress, breakdowns or require higher-touch care. Members can instantly access SOS hotlines and seek care from licensed mental health professionals.

Simple steps to get care

Set up an account

Download the Intellect app from the App Store or Google Play Store and connect to your organisation’s account

Find the right coach

Select from a list of behavioural health coaches recommended based on your personal needs & goals

Get care in seconds

Embark on your mental health journey through personalised sessions, behavioural health coaching, and wellbeing analytics

Receive 24/7 support

Connect with a behavioural health coach or get immediate care in just a few simple taps on the app