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DEI in Asia: Fostering inclusivity in the workplace

Mental Health Awareness

About the webinar

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is not just about races. Many don’t know it’s also about the neurodivergent, LGBTQ+, Persons With Disabilities (PWDs), and more. <br><br>

With our work taken virtual, we are exposed to people from diverse backgrounds. But this also increases the risks of unconscious bias and micro-aggressions happening in the workplace. Do your DEI efforts provide mental wellbeing support to employees prone to such workplace challenges? <br><br>

In this fireside chat, learn how DEI can complement your wellbeing strategies. You’ll also understand how coaching can help you pick up on unconscious bias, so you can create a more inclusive workspace.<br><br>

Date: 4 July 2023<br>
Time: 11am-12pm (GMT+8)

Mental Health Awareness Month 2023 special webinar

What you'll learn

  1. How DEI and mental health are linked, and benefits of having a good DEI pillar
  2. How coaching can help you navigate conversations with different groups
  3. Common DEI challenges and how to overcome them



Intellect is an end-to-end solution that meets users wherever they’re at on the continuum. It’s scalable but highly localised, so employees can be supported anytime, anywhere, and by a mental health professional in their region. By allowing employees to engage on their own terms, organisations experience thriving workforces with a 5-12x Return of Investment (ROI) Our vision is to make mental health support accessible, personalised, and integrated into our everyday lives. Our mission is to break the mental health stigma in Asia Pacific by offering individuals and organisations an end-to-end employee wellbeing solution.

Dharesheni Nedumaran
Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Mediabrands APAC

With a strong foundation in social services, Dharesheni’s unwavering passion ignited a fire in her to create a more equitable and inclusive world. She is a dedicated advocate for social change and inclusion, and ensures marginalised communities are not forgotten. Through partnerships with not-for-profits, global businesses, advisory boards, and governments, she has led data-driven projects and programs that empower underrepresented communities.

Miguel Angel Velasquez Campos
Behavioural Health Coach

Miguel partners with executive leaders with the potential for greatness to bring about change in their organisation by helping them grow and share leadership in a team, leading to enhanced personal, team and organisational success. Having experienced working in companies with different corporate cultures in South America, the US, and Japan he is well equipped for facilitating multicultural team building and team coaching. He speaks English, Spanish and Japanese and uses these languages in his work.

Linda Rinn
Clinical Engagement Lead

Linda is a passionate and upbeat professional with an international background in clinical psychology, dedicated to serve the South-East Asian mental health sector. Leading an active and driven lifestyle of constant change and adaptation, she is highly internationally oriented in both her career plans and personal life. She is also constantly eager to expand her network, knowledge, and experience – always open to new ideas, discussions, and projects!

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