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Juggling responsibilities and work: Ways to create a thriving work culture for women

Mental Health Awareness

About the webinar

Women have made significant progress in the society and workforce but are getting increasingly burnt out. Join us in our upcoming webinar and hear from different women as they share their perspectives on how we can create a better work culture to lift women up. Discussion points:

– Modern-day challenges and issues women have to navigate at work and at home

– HR policies and practices that leaders and employers can implement while being equitable

– Coping strategies and tips for women, and how to build a support system in personal and work life

Speaker’s profile:

May Sunega:

May is the current HR leader at Brankas with over 20 years of experience in all facets of human resources. She implements initiatives supporting the organisation’s vision, builds a robust sourcing & recruitment engine, strengthens performance management, enhances employee experience, and navigates changes in an evolving organisation.

Robyn Cam:

Robyn is a leadership and career coach in fitness and wellbeing, education, and business development. Her clients include executives from Australia, the USA, and other countries seeking enhancement in leadership style and influence on team growth. She holds a Professional Credentials Coach accreditation with the International Coaching Federation.

Shang Trinidad:

Shang is Intellect’s People Experience and Operations Lead who is passionate about startups and people. Working in both local and international startup companies she has become a thought leader in the industry and is a huge advocate of mental health and diversity & inclusion in the workplace.

Mental Health Awareness Month 2023 special webinar

What you'll learn

Women have made significant progress in the workforce despite not having the same starting point. As they still face complex challenges whilst juggling their personal wellbeing, they need more support than ever.


May Sunega
HR Leader
Robyn Cam
Executive Coach
Shang Trinidad
People Experience and Operations Lead

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