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Intellect Provides Free Mental Health Support for Businesses and Individuals Affected by Recent Earthquake in Japan

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Table of Contents

25 January 2024

Intellect, Asia’s leading mental health and wellbeing platform, has launched a pilot programme offering free mental health resources and counselling sessions to businesses and individuals impacted by the recent 7.6 magnitude earthquake in Ishikawa Prefecture, East Japan.

The devastating earthquake caused significant physical and psychological distress, leading to extensive damage, power outages, and tragic loss of life, with at least 55 people reported dead and over 35 aftershocks recorded, as per the Wall Street Journal. The emotional impact on these communities is profound and addressing the mental trauma endured by those affected is of paramount importance. According to experts, there’s an urgent need for emotional support post-disaster and such psychological toll can even manifest physically, through symptoms like insomnia and changes in appetite.

To bridge this gap, Intellect is providing companies and their employees within the affected areas free access to their mental health resources and up to 30 clinical counselling sessions. Through the platform, users can tap into targeted resources for managing post-disaster stress and anxiety, such as professional counselling, self-guided emotional regulation exercises, and resilience-building techniques. It also offers personalised therapy sessions conducted by trained professionals experienced in trauma-informed care. This suite of tools helps employees cope with the immediate aftermath and equips them with long-term strategies for emotional wellbeing.

“During this difficult period for Japan, our hearts at Intellect are with the people affected by the recent disasters that have happened. We recognise the integral role mental health plays in the aftermath of such events, and as such we are committed to supporting the emotional wellbeing of the Japanese community. We will be providing free access to Intellect’s suite of local Japanese mental health services to ensure people are supported and are able to remain resilient in navigating this difficult period.” states Theodoric Chew, Co-founder & CEO of Intellect.


Employees or corporations can sign up at https://bit.ly/free-intellect-service-japan to gain access to free mental health services until 31st March 2024. For business leader seeking to bolster your team’s resilience, Intellect provides mental wellbeing support for your employees, completely free of charge.


About Intellect

Intellect is a modern-day mental health company with a mission to make mental healthcare and wellbeing support accessible for workforces and individuals.

Serving leading organisations and over 3 million users through its platform, Intellect is the largest and fastest growing mental health tech company in Asia.

Having won Human Resources Online’s Best Digital Wellness Platform (Gold) in 2023 and Best Corporate Wellness Provider (Bronze) in 2022, Intellect is backed by leading investors including Tiger Global, Insignia Ventures Partners, Y Combinator, HOF Capital, MS&AD Ventures, East Ventures, and many more leading venture funds, family offices, big tech executives as well as renowned angel investors.

About Intellect Japan

Intellect Japan Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intellect Inc., is Asia’s premier mental healthcare startup. Delivering comprehensive care via a self-care program, it makes mental health support accessible anytime, anywhere. Catering to more than 3 million users across 20 countries and regions, predominantly in Asia, Intellect Japan provides services in 14 languages.

Recognizing the importance of personal growth and emotional recovery, Intellect Japan offers coaching sessions aimed at promoting personal development. Furthermore, it provides counselling sessions that foster emotional recovery in a psychologically safe environment.

In addition to providing Intellect’s suite of mental health care solutions, Intellect Japan tailors services to meet the unique needs of the Japanese market. It also offers implementation support for companies that have adopted their services, to optimize usage rates. Combining universal accessibility with personalized care, Intellect Japan is redefining mental health support in the region.

Learn more about Intellect Japan here: https://jp.intellect.co/

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