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Intellect launches with Multiplier, making it the first EOR with a mental wellness programme

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Table of Contents

The first-of-its-kind partnership provides comprehensive and culturally relevant mental health support to Multiplier’s global network

Intellect has partnered with Multiplier, a multi-award-winning global employment platform, to provide its employees and clients with access to mental wellness services. With this new partnership, Multiplier is now the first Employer of Record (EOR) in the region to sign up with a mental health benefits company.

According to an analysis by the Integrated Benefits Institute, remote work has been linked to a higher probability of experiencing anxiety and depression symptoms at 40% when compared to in-person work which registers at 35%. To address this, Intellect and Mutliplier have come together to create a programme designed to reduce stress and anxiety for hybrid and remote workers in today’s challenging times. Through Intellect’s mental wellbeing solution, employees hired through Multiplier will have access to free resources and 1-1 sessions with trained coaches, counsellors, and psychologists who can cater to the full spectrum of mental health – from everyday support to immediate clinical intervention. With Intellect’s self-care app available in 17 languages and a provider network based in 20 markets, the platform is fully capable of supporting Multiplier’s clients with remote workforces all across the Asia Pacific region. 

The comprehensive range of Intellect’s features encompasses telehealth coaching, clinical therapy, self-guided cognitive behavioural therapy-based programmes, urgent distress support, and mental health screening. Intellect also conducts live webinars, workshops, and panel discussions to help employees progressively learn and manage their mental wellbeing. While its primary focus rests on enterprise clientele and their workforce, Intellect also extends its services to individual consumers.

New clients and their employees hired through Multiplier will get free access to Intellect by default, while current clients may opt-in to receive access to Intellect’s services. This is an exciting opportunity for those looking for mental health support while also offering employers an innovative way to ensure their employees are getting the care they need.

Theodoric Chew, CEO of Intellect: “Multiplier has enabled us to hire the talented and global workforce we have today and it is our pleasure to partner and empower them to be the first EOR with a mental wellbeing programme. We’re proud to launch our global and comprehensive provider network to their equally extensive client and employee base.”

Sagar Khatri, CEO & co-founder of Multiplier: “At Multiplier, our commitment to the wellbeing of our global network goes beyond employment. We understand the importance of mental health, especially in today’s world. Partnering with Intellect allows us to provide comprehensive and culturally relevant mental wellness support, ensuring our employees and clients have the resources they need to thrive in both their professional and personal lives. We are proud to be pioneers in integrating mental wellness into the Employer of Record landscape”

About Intellect:

Intellect is a modern-day mental health company with a mission to make mental healthcare and wellbeing support accessible for workforces and individuals. 

Serving leading organisations and over 3 million users through its platform, Intellect is the largest and fastest-growing mental health tech company in Asia. 

Having been the recipient of Human Resources Online’s Best Corporate Wellness Provider award, Intellect is backed by leading investors including Tiger Global, Insignia Ventures Partners, Y Combinator, HOF Capital, MS&AD Ventures, East Ventures, and many more leading venture funds, family offices, big tech executives as well as renowned angel investors.

About Multiplier:

Multiplier is a revolutionary global employment platform that is reshaping the world of work. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovation, Multiplier is breaking down geographical barriers and transforming the employment landscape. With a presence in over 150 countries, Multiplier’s user-friendly platform enables companies to seamlessly engage talent from around the world, while providing individuals the freedom to pursue their dream roles without sacrificing personal connections. For more information, visit www.multiplier.com.

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Employees need mental wellbeing support now more than ever. With Intellect, you can give them access to the Mental healthcare they need, when they need it.