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Streamlining mental health benefits by combining self-paced and 1-1 sessions for Kredivo

Kredivo began as a small startup in 2015 and has since steadily grown to become a major fintech player in Southeast Asia today.
Intellect provided that bridge where you can download the app and do some pretty non-confrontational things like exercises and tips, while also making it easier to reach out if you want to talk to somebody.
-Sze Foong / Head of Talent Development

The Problem

With most employees based in Singapore and Indonesia, Kredivo needed a solution with options for self-guidance that would ease its employees into the idea of opening up about their mental health.

The Solution

After canvassing through different vendors, Kredivo signed up with Intellect because they liked that it consisted of non-confrontational features while providing the option of 30-minute coaching sessions.


In the span of 4 months:

  • 29% of employees became active users of Intellect
  • 81% of users matched with a coach
  • 14% of users have had at least one coaching session


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