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Mercer Presents: Unlocking an Effective Employee Wellbeing System

Leaders from Mercer and The Secret Little Agency discuss effective action and policies towards employee wellbeing.
“There is no silver bullet in designing a wellbeing program. It really comes down to understanding the organisation, where you are on the wellbeing spectrum, the diversity of your workforce, and understanding who you are as an organisation in terms of your identity.”
-Neil Narale / Partner, Health Leader, Mercer Singapore
“Really encouraging people to be authentically themselves at work (as this) is super important. You should be bringing your whole self to work and I think that’s the way people like to connect and build meaningful relationships. But to do that it does mean that leaders and your peers need to actively cultivate the safe space for speaking up.”
-Min Ng, General Manager, The Secret Little Agency

The Problem

  • Blurring of lines between work and personal life
  • 83% of individuals report work overtime 3x a week
  • The lack of control of how and when work should be done
  • 64% feel they are unable to adjust the order and pace of work and when they are able to take breaks

The Solution

  • Implement a systematic employee listening program to stay in touch with their needs
  • Link employee wellbeing to what your employees value, to show you care
  • Deliver employee benefits equitably and accessibly


    An all-rounded wellbeing program where:

  • Employees have a safe space to speak up and talk about the challenges they’re facing at work
  • Employees are heard and they get to co-create their benefits based on individual needs and wants
  • Senior leaders truly understand the benefits of an employee wellbeing solution like Intellect and that they themselves believe that mental wellness is important

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