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Intellect expands holistic care by teaming up with MoneyFitt to enhance financial wellbeing for clients

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Table of Content

Table of Contents

We are proud to announce a partnership with MoneyFitt as the global financial wellness partner as part of Intellect’s holistic wellbeing offering. 

MoneyFitt is an innovative Singapore-based FinTech platform that empowers individuals to take control of their financial wellness by offering personalised tips, a network of trusted experts, and a wealth of educational resources. MoneyFitt recognises that each person has unique financial needs and goals and is looking for clear, actionable steps tailored to their individual financial situation.

Based on PwC’s 2023 Employee Financial Wellness Survey, 60% of full-time employees are stressed about their finances. If this need goes unaddressed, it can affect their wellbeing and performance at work. Recognising that mental health is interrelated with other dimensions of holistic health, Intellect has expanded our care offerings to cover holistic care, including financial wellbeing support with MoneyFitt.

This collaboration allows Intellect’s clients complimentary access to MoneyFitt’s vast library of financial literacy content, including articles, videos, quizzes, infographics, and other tools. By leveraging MoneyFitt’s expert content, your employees will be able to navigate financial challenges, reduce stress, and foster a healthy relationship with money. 

This partnership furthers Intellect’s vision to ensure users are holistically supported in the different aspects of their lives: to improve mental resilience, alleviate financial stress, navigate legal matters with ease, embrace nutritious choices, and revitalise their physical health.

Theodoric Chew, Co-founder & CEO of Intellect says, “Intellect’s mission has always been to make mental wellbeing dramatically more accessible and relatable for individuals. We believe that mental health cannot be considered in isolation, and that’s why we are delighted to partner with MoneyFitt, a leading financial wellbeing provider, to offer our clients access to comprehensive financial planning resources. By addressing multiple facets of wellbeing, we aim to help our clients thrive in all aspects of their lives.”

⁠Lim Ka-ming, CEO and co-founder of MoneyFitt says “MoneyFitt was created as a way for individuals to take action to improve their personal finances and lives. Small, actionable, and prioritised steps, including reaching out for advice, are important for users to start taking action. Paired with dynamic feedback that shows real and positive change, they give users a sense of empowerment and involvement that is so often lacking in their relationships with money. Partnering with Intellect will bring our services to help people in the workplace, where a holistic approach to mental wellness is most needed.”


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Employees need mental wellbeing support now more than ever. With Intellect, you can give them access to the Mental healthcare they need, when they need it.