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Intellect Partners with The Majurity Trust To Provide Mental Wellbeing Support for Social Impact Organisations and Charity Partners

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Singapore. 30 November 2023Intellect, the leading mental health and wellbeing platform in Asia, announced a partnership with The Majurity Trust, a philanthropic organisation in Singapore, to provide mental wellbeing support to selected donors and grantees. 

Through this two-year partnership, 500 donors and grantees can gain access to Intellect’s platform that is designed to address mental health challenges. Many of the grantees are nonprofit startups, groundups, and charities tackling issues faced by youths, migrant workers, and elderly.

For mild to moderate mental wellbeing support, users will have the chance to connect with certified coaches, counsellors or psychologists. This service can help them to navigate common daily challenges, such as managing stress or personal relationships. For escalated care, users will be able to get critical clinical support using the 24/7 distress helpline.

In Singapore, there are more than 2,000 charities, but many of them face similar challenges. On top of the financial constraints they face, a significant number of nonprofit organisations are also understaffed, and this can bring about emotional and physical distress to the staff who work at these organisations. This highlights the critical need for comprehensive mental wellbeing support to foster an environment for employees to thrive.

Aimed at addressing the critical gaps in mental health support for nonprofit organisations in Singapore, this collaboration emphasises the goal of providing help beyond financial contributions. It also highlights the importance of mental wellbeing care and support for organisations working tirelessly to create positive change. 

“As a company, our goal has always been to create enduring impact, and we observed that doing good can go beyond the conventional philanthropic approach. By addressing some of the challenges faced by staff of social impact organisations, we aim to pave the way for a future where mental health support is an integral part of better societal wellbeing,” says Theodoric Chew, Co-Founder and CEO, Intellect.

“At Intellect, we are redefining partnerships that strike a deeper chord. By understanding organisations and their unique needs, we hope to align our mission of improving mental health access to Asia to collectively drive meaningful change in society,” says Cassandra Loh, VP, Partnerships & Solutions, Intellect.

“Changemaking work is hard. We’ve heard from many of our grantee partners that the amazing work they push themselves to accomplish can sometimes take a toll both mentally and physically. While our grantee partners go the extra mile for the communities they support, we too hope that having access to Intellect can help play a small but significant part in caring for the mental wellness of our grantee partners.” – Chew Jing Kai, Manager, TMT Labs, The Majurity Trust.

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